The success of newly established company depends on the ability of the management team to create a line of innovative idea, while facilitate the NEW ideas from Budding Entrepreneurs, and to be able to manage the team in an harmonious and cooperative way.

Our company’s management includes professionals with great moral values, whose dedication and experience will generate an immense synergy in support of the preincubated companies’ quest towards excelling and facilitating their access to Finances.

Dr. Sumeet Kumar

Will lead Prime iππovators, assuming the role of CEO. His business oriented skills have been proven since 2013, when he founded 1SUN S.R.L., the Italian start-up focused on the industrialization of R&D results in the field of renewable energy with Patented engineered hybrid nano composite materials (hence Technology Transfer is in our veins). The company’s aim is that of providing alternative solutions for improving the efficiency of existing Renewable Energy sources, whereby rendering them unique and market oriented through intellectual property rights management.
Dr. Kumar hails as an Engineer from The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK)class of 2005. He has then obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Eastern Piedmont (Italy), class of 2010. Since 2010, Dr. Kumar embarked upon various professional positions as in: A former Researcher at the Italian Government R&D institute focusing on the identification and enhancements of various Renewable Energy sources (ENEA) Portici (Naples) [2010 -2012]. Furthermore, Dr. Kumar has been on a Research Associate position at the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) Trieste.

The last two positions were held by him under a prestigious fellowship in collaboration with UNESCO & ICTP / Trieste, for the year 2010 and 2012.

Eng. Rohan Khullar

is Engineer in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and is active in Renewable Energies field since almost a decade. He will assume the role of minor shareholder in Prime iππovators and will assume an active role in exploring Financing possibilities in India, for the successful Post Trial Period companies hosted under the premises of the Prime iππovators. His management qualities clearly appear in his ability to run VLC Trading, an Indian company focused on reselling the top-notch Batteries, Inverters and coating machines in India and abroad.
Since 2015, Mr. Khullar is an active part of the management of Italian company 1SUN S.R.L. Engineer Rohan Khullar will thereby be occupying the role of a Board Member and Asian market Business Developer to the NEW pre incubated companies, wherein he will be occupying the role of key Manager (Asian markets: India, China, Japan, UAE) on behalf of the selected few preincubation companies’ hosted under Prime iππovators and which will have effective market in these sectors of the world.

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