What do we do

Prime iππovators  hopes to transform your ideas into concrete Business Opportunities.

We BELIEVE that from a premonition (i.e. your idea) we can assist you to transform it into a business which could grow autonomously!

To do so! we categorize, the level of your business idea according to scale of readiness, which is composed of three levels:

Stage 1: Pre incubation Ideas

In this stage you have got an idea or a concept which you would like to develop into something operational. You have never entered the entrepreneurial world but you would like to try it.

Making reference to Technology Readiness Levels, we consider stage 1 as comprehensive of 1-3 TRL level. (click here for more info).

Do you feel a strong urge for entrepreneurship but you don’t have the right conducive environment to implement your idea? According to us you are at 0 level of readiness, since you haven’t realized anything in this direction until now. We are sure that with our stimulating environment even ideas which are not implemented, but are profitable: Business wise, can be brought into a market and into a finished product!

Stage 2: Access to finance

We have defined this stage as the stage in which ideas have been tested at a laboratory level and are worth financing or to be pitched in front of potential investors (BAs/VCs). We will assist you and your company in this phase, ending from our 1-3 month trial, hence in our preincubation period.
According to your business model we will help you to reach the best potential financing option.

It corresponds to BUILDING your idea into a TRL phase 4-5.

Stage 3: Market ready/production phase

In this level new companies are ready to enter their market!

It corresponds to BUILDING your indea into a TRL phase 6 and beyond, through various financing options, promoting Pilot scale deployment and its upscaling.

We can also assist, entrepreneurs who have reached this stage alone, wherein to surpass the upscaling hurdle, for their market-ready product. We will either provide you consultancies or a shared industrial space for a definite period of time at a competitive price; we can also co-assist you in finding a large-scale financing option or co-guarantee your business idea in exchange of equity.

To have a complete list of portfolio companies under various incubation phase: click here

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