Prime idea


Prime iππovators is an innovative business idea, which is the result of the Research and innovation driven approach of young researchers, who were able to carry out successfully the Technology Transfer of their Research, transforming it into an innovative start up (1SUN S.r.l. and NanoTechEnergies S.r.l.).
Whereby, against all odds and without any support during the first years of its’ start-up phase, the survival was insured due to key elements and value addition of its Founder: Innovative features related to the Patented technology.
This entrepreneurial experience was the impetus to get the initiative with which we want to assist young and recent graduated scholars in search of an occupation presented out of the box idea, whereas also provide operating space to experienced entrepreneurs, whereby inventing Prime iππovators idea, through our experience in:
  1. Dealing with the intricacies of fund raising (Public and Private);
  2. Protecting Intellectual Property in Italy and various markets of the world, sustaining our start up with self sacrifices and support from Family;
  3. Directly confronting the lack of infrastructure needed to provide start-up support, “operationally speaking“, the Founder of 1SUN S.R.L. is working to ensure a fool proof soft launch of NEW businesses;
  4. SURVIVAL SKILLS, although we are not boasting to ensure and guarantee positive results for everyone or anyone, because everything will depend on YOU! and your ability to avail the presented opportunity! intended to support innovative start-up in its early stages;
  5. The idea is meant to be realized through the mantra Prime iππovators, implemented through NanoTechEenergies S.R.L. (Founded at low cost, availing the NEW Italian government incentives to form companies without Notary).

A brief history over 1SUN and the current initiative of NanoTechEnergies

Hailing as an Engineer from Top Indian University, The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, after years of research (2006-2012) and intense activities of fundraising (2013-2015), Dr. Sumeet Kumar founded 1SUN S.R.L. and lately in 2016, founded NanoTechEnergies S.R.L., both being Italian innovative start up companies, which implements the innovative Patented technology of Dr. Kumar, through the production and/or licensing of Hybrid Composite Nanomaterials based Patent, respectively.

Furthermore, using the production line of 1SUN, during the shifts in which it is unused, is also foreseen an increase of both the productivity and employment within the Italian/Trieste territory.

Through the Prime Mantra applied over existing production lines:

  • It is expected to take full advantage of the tangible and intangible assets thereby creating more jobs;
  • Facilitating the creation of more innovative start-ups’
  • Assisting the efforts of the families in Difficulty in these times of economic crisis, through this innovative approach to create self-entrepreneurship and therefore ALIGN the unemployed or seeking alternative employment components of these families, with our approach.

Did you know?

Out of every Ideas in the head of people, barely 1% sees the light of Entrepreneurship, and off these 1% New startup bornapproximately 99% fail in the first year of their existence.
While, out of 1% successful, approximately 80% fail during second year and so on.

Moral of the story: Its a hard world, but one has to give in a TRY! We at Prime iππovators are here to facilitate this Trial of yours!

To err is human

We’re here to give you better chances of success!

Being aware of the difficulties in terms of:

  • Arranging financial resources;
  • Bureaucracy to create a startup;
  • IT and Infrastructure facilities; and
  • NETWORKING like minded entrepreneurs with complementary skills needed to give life to a business idea

~Not everyone is expert in Technical, Marketing, BD, Fund Raising, Project Writing, PR, HR, Field experience etc etc~

Through, Prime iππovators approach, NanoTechEnergies S.R.L. (and a group of affiliates) decided it was necessary to “Make things Happen!“, taking the reigns of our destiny in our own hands, wherein a support to New and innovative ideas came into existence through Prime iππovators approach!

We want to helpaccelerate and motivate new companies formation by adopting them into our motivation oriented co working space and NOT ONLY! We are here to bring your product at a fast track into the market, facilitating its PILOT SCALE DEPLOYMENT*. 

Thereby, reducing your idea to prototype formation time, hence reducing its TTM.

This is why the idea of creating a coworking space in an Industrial plant, came into existence. Aim is to assist young entrepreneurs in developing their business idea and bring their products into market on a FAST TRACK! and inside our conducive environment!

This is how Prime iππovators came in existence!

To know more, see our rent conditions or contact us!

*Providing our production lines wherever feasible, while bringing your R&D projects in touch with various R&D institutes and Universities of Italy/EU and International level!

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