Post Trial Period


The first Trial Month (renewable up to a maximum of three months) will be used to establish a feasibility idea over the entrepreneurs objectives and financial sustainability of the same, whereby the budding entrepreneur can judge the prospects of his idea, and if both the parties, Prime iππovators consultants’ and the entrepreneur him/her self, sees a potential. For us, even a bleak light of hope could be excelled if properly nurtured and given the right and conducive environment to grow. Thereby, we give chance also to TRL 0 (= no idea) and wish to turn it into a TRL 1: Some idea, which can be studied and further evaluated of its feasibility, during the 1-3 months Trial period.

The TRL growth period: Normally happening from second-month onwards, up till 12th month, will be employed to facilitate the TRL growth during the preincubation period. Whereby, we have fixed the rent conditions as same as in the trial period, with the rent amount beginning at 2 euro for the first-day upto 113 euro (details) as final matured rent if the pre incubation is continued until the 30th day: assumed as average days of a 12 month preincubation period.

The TRL growth phase will initially see the same renting scheme as applied for the Trial period, which is:

The Trial period will be extendable only to those who could demonstrate a self sustaining spirit and a working Business Model along with a willingness to collaborate and vigor to carry on.
As an added on Demand service (optional and only when required and if booked well in advance), along with the workstation fee, all selected entrepreneurs, will be offered a consultancy session (ranging from case to case basis) with consultancy charges beginning at 127 euro/session (First prime value after 113) if given on first day of the post Trial period, up to 281 euro (30th Prime after 113), that is, if consulted on the last day of the preincubation period of normally 2nd to 12th month.

Entrepreneurs will be potentially hosted at Prime iππovators‘ operating space for a maximum of 12 months period.

After the 1 year contract, they will be provided with the possibility to continue in one of the “official incubators” present over the Italian and/or the European territory as a function of their principle market of interest.

While for those worthy and hard working entrepreneurs, who could realize their idea (TRL 0-3) into a viable and Sellable product: Market-Ready (TRL 6-9) during the first 12 months of pre-incubation phase, will be given the chance to rent our industrial space at competitive price per square metre, and assistance to access the finances (Regional/National/EU level financing options along with the conventional Debt loan, Business Angles, Venture Capital funds from Italy, Europe and India) aimed towards Pilot scale deployment of their product (be it of any field of interest: Engineering, Social science, Natural science, Software etc).

Beyond the first 12 months, the consultancy (column Primes) aimed at valorising your product-service-prototype, derived out of the first 12 months, together with the matured rent as a function of days (Sum of n-1 primes), is displayed on the two column of the following table:

As explained, on case to case basis, we will decide to provide assistance (co-guarantee, if required against company equity) in accessing credit loan from Banks. Whereas, our base package includes assistance in which, we will accompany step by step, the young entrepreneurs, towards participating in the the various incentive programs, which will be made known to the entrepreneurs and adhered, as per the need and demand of each case.

The services of project writing and dedicated time will be conducted in close contexts with the entrepreneur and will follow the trend of the consultancy costs, with the total number of days involved in writing the project as an investment, against the funding received, thereby as Success Fee (90% project writing cost), with a small fraction anticipated by the entrepreneur, at competitive market price.

Example: 10% of cumulative 5 days consultancy, in which the five days will have per day (max. 4 hour dedication time = max. consultancy session time), cost as depicted in the Table corresponding to first 12 months.


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