Prime iππovators: Define your Future.. Estimate Us!

What is Prime iππovators?                                                                                                ITA

It is an idea (Trade Mark Filed) which Bridges the GAP in between Entrepreneurs by creating a common coworking platform to Network! Thereby, weaving the people into a common fabric of entrepreneurship, facilitating the creation of like minded groups, hence ensuring the survival of innovative startups, foreseeing a reduced TTM!

Prime iππovators, provide these services, in a ONE STOP solution, through an iNNOVATiVE co-working space! Provided by an equally innovative Rent & Consultancy scheme!

It’s Happening! So join the change aimed for a NEW World order! Support us! Be a part of the life of a Pi! and most importantly..

Estimate Us!


Mathematically value of Pi is never deciphered fully. Its a tough Job! But so is entrepreneurship! We at Prime iππovators, help by facilitating the young entrepreneurs, directing them to find solutions to survive the EARLY stages of their startup phase by providing them with conducive environment. A space in which they could stay busy  and keep abreast with their sector specificity: Sharing ideas and creating new lines of actions.

Entrepreneurship, by definition is a RISKY AFFAIR, but seeing the current economic condition is also considered a much needed element in all parts of the world! Especially in these fragile times, if you are successful with our assistance! YOU can help ease the unemployment. You can be the hope for a Change!

To promote this change! stimulating and creativity promoting conducive co-working workstations, to Network and brainstorm over mutually complementary ideas so as to help us build a working TEAM out of this exchange of ideas. Thereby, Networking space will be made available to young entrepreneurs to foster your ideas into an innovative Startup company, hosted at flexible rent conditions.

What all matters is your Idea!
Has it got the potential? We will help you to develop it into a market ready product with the shortest possible Time To Market (TTM)!


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