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Prime iππovators (Trade Marked Filed idea) 

Categorised at STAGE 1; The idea is under budding phase. Its objective is to create a pre-seed incubation area; a co-working and Networking space, so as to support young entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial ideas, via facilitating the creation of innovative startups, meanwhile assuring its survival by an assistive rent a place scheme.

NanoTechEnergies S.R.L. 

Categorised at STAGE 1; The company’s primary occupation is Research and Development in field of solar energy. It will share the production line with another start-up company on the verge of activating its production line, 1SUN S.R.L.. NanoTechEnergiesaim is also linked to providing coworking space and consultancy services: The idea of giving equal opportunities to young entrepreneurs, in order to facilitate the development of innovative business, even providing our Patent license to them, so as to work on prototyping products of mutual benefits, whereby creating a stimulating and conducive environment, providing shape to NEW business ideas: Reducing its Time to Market!

1SUN S.R.L. 

Categorised at STAGE 3; 1SUN SRL is an innovative start-up company with the objective of Research and Development for the industrialization in the field of renewable energy with engineered hybrid nanocomposite materials to provide alternative and unique (Patent protected) solutions aimed towards improving the efficiency of existing Renewable Energy sources. The founder of 1SUN S.R.L. against all odds and obstacles, encountered during his venture from Year 2013-Present, has been able to protect his Intellectual Property Rights and has been able to raise via debt financing substantial funding through the Italian government (Smart&Start scheme of Invitalia) and relevant regional Chamber of Commerce Initiatives, aimed to support innovative startups. The startup 1SUN S.R.L. has also managed to complement its 80% Invitalia financed incentivized loan, through Italian bank credit, whereby rendering its venture concrete, creating trends in Technology Transfer of its highly innovative, Patent protected technologies, both at local and international levels.

Learn more about 1SUNhere.

Categorised at STAGE 1


Categorised at STAGE 1

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