Trial period


The Trial period, foresees a:

One, up to a maximum of three months Trial (No Strings Attached §)

Starting from 2 € for the first day, with each day having a workstation shift of max. 4 hours, prolonged for another 4 hours if the NEXT entrepreneur doesn’t confirms his arrival within 120 minutes of his shift start & the previous Entrepreneur doesn’t confirms his willingness to continue, at least 60 minutes before his shifts end.

You will be given the chance to foresee the Future of your entrepreneurial idea, in a Stimulating, Professional and Conducive to NEW ideas, co-working space.

Depending on the amount of days hosted, the BASIC WORKSTATION COST (power usage included) will have the following rent conditions, derived out of the complexity of Pi! (Prime iππovators: Estimate Us!)™:

Necessity for the Trial period: What is necessary, very often, is the chance to be assisted by an expert, who is able to strengthen the lack of experience and/or sales/sector skills.

For this reason Prime iππovators offers a wide range of consultancy, deriving from sector specific professionals, ranging from the field of Engineering and applied sciences, and as an EQUAL opportunity provider, not only we will accept ANY idea from ANY sector, but also we will strive to fulfil our team with other potential sector specific consultants/Free lancers, On Demand, and on a pre booked and pre confirmed request taken from us through our contact page.

In this trial period, optional consultancy sessions (pre-registration obligatory as per calender), could last up to: 4 hours each day, depending over the availability and pre booking priority given to the NEW and budding entrepreneurs over their 1st Trial month).

So don’t be afraid, whatsoever background, or age group you are in, if you have 2 euro in your pocket, you can come, consult us* and if needed, rethink over your entrepreneurial idea for a minimum of 4 hours in our conducive work station environment : ).

In case, you will need to consult your sector specific consultant, with a pre booking of at least 48 hours, we can confirm you such service, during the first trial period as a:

Special price consultancy quoted as follows (*with the first day free consultancy of max. 4 hour provided on demand) when pre-registered & confirmed by us:

The Trial period consultancy, for the first trial month gets initiated at a lower limit, as an on demand service, as first PRIME-Service after 113 €, to incentivize the TRIAL period rendering less financial burden.  No wonder in Italy it is correlated to “Pronto Intervento” as in the derived service out of a 113 call.

The above rent and consultancy conditions stems from the very fact that, since very often having an entrepreneurial idea is not enough to give life to a startup. We will facilitate problem solving, linking them with our resource, degree of complexity, potential products market placement (so called TRL), thereby, facilitating a route in which one can either see a product, but cannot see how to earn money, and whom to sell, which most commonly leads to a downfall of the business idea and assists the failure of a start up company. We will help see the long term solution and if both us, and the entrepreneur will be convinced, we will take the higher route, and enter into the TRL growth pre-incubation phase for remaining 11 months. Else the entrepreneur could rethink over the same/NEW idea and rework to convince us of its feasibility for an extended trial period by another two months.

Whereas, to ponder over your ideas, out of your home, out of a park, a cinema or a Gym, if you want a professional work station, come and try our Trial period to NETWORK with like minded pals. Perhaps, TOGETHER, we could instil a series of new ideas from your sub conscious to working Business PLAN!

§ Looking at the complexity and potential NEW ideas being divulged by the people coming and joining us, we will NOT be able to undersign any Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) within the Trial (1-3 months) and the Preincubation (1-12 months) period, as we never know which information is being disclosed to us. During consultancy sessions too. We would only like to know the BASICS of your idea, especially the part which you BELIEVE is not CONFIDENTIAL but is bare minimum to successfully evaluate your idea and understand its market potential.

We NEVER will force and/or indulge in taking over your ideas and/or your know hows, but as the same could be in the mind of the next entrepreneur, we will also not indulge into binding terms over these ideas disclosed by you, especially over the consultancy session.

Hence, its your responsibility to disclose the bare minimum info, and only if you feel so.


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